Yoodoo is a revolutionary online platform that supercharges the powerful effect of one to one mentoring and advising for thousands of people.

The Yoodoo platform enables organisations and communities to effect major changes in performance, capability and well-being by engaging and changing behaviour of the majority of their people, not just the motivated few.

Yoodoo enables the capture of expert knowledge, skills and processes for delivery to large numbers of people as though each was being engaged one-on-one by the expert, with an experience tailored specifically for that user and their circumstances.

Yoodoo’s advanced personalisation technology, group collaboration tools and apps deliver specific and tangible outcomes of real value, to the user and organisation, whether it’s a compliance report, a C.V., a department sales strategy or a personal health plan.

Yoodoo has been successfully deployed worldwide for a range of applications including:

  • Work and Enterprise readiness
  • Recruitment Company performance
  • Dental Practice performance and Compliance
  • Sales performance
  • Information Governance standards
  • Personal health and well-being
  • Teenager school exclusion prevention

We're helping large and small organisations to change the behaviour and helping to improve the performance of workforces and communities around the world. We'd love to show you just how we're achieving that, and how our unique platform is changing the way the World is working. With our technology ensuring you don't just learn - Yoodoo